Q&A Tonight

Hey all, just a friendly FYI our Q&A tonight at 6pm PDT will be held here:

Members of the community will be able to tweet their questions @smgotv during the stream or use ustream’s chat interface.  If you’re sure you can’t make it, you can also email us your questions, and we can answer them during the meeting.  We are also going to record the session to allow people to watch it later.

We’d like to interact more with the community this way in the future if it works out and everyone finds it useful.  We allotted an hour - but that’s a flexible hour.

We’re both looking forward to meeting with you all tonight.  


Dave & Chehin

Updates, updates, and even more updates!

Hey all,

We wanted to get this into another webisode, but have some external business things that keep delaying that.

Briefly here’s an update: 

1. Paypal updates are forthcoming, we’re letting a few prominent members of the community talk with our account manager on behalf of the community.  If this still won’t be enough proof for you, we’ve been told that we can probably get featured in their upcoming app gallery on Paypal’s website.  They’re building it now, so it might take a while. 

2. Packages – There’s still a lot of debate on if these are realistic.  First thing we need to point out is that we (SMGO) will indeed have to purchase the licensing rights for these packages – and we have planned to do so from the start.  It is now explained in the FAQ (  on the site if you have more question 

3. The Goal – The other main source of resistance has been the sheer size of the goal.  A lot of people feel that this goal is simply unattainable, and therefore not worth trying to achieve.  That is a self-defeating prophecy.  We determined this goal based on the sheer size of YJ’s active viewing audience and the estimated production costs.   

4. New name and Picture for the campaign – We know that not everyone can contribute monetarily, but it was suggested early on that we might be able to engage the artistic side of the community by asking for some media to replace the (mundane) picture we have up in the box on the save YJ page.  If you’re interested and are up to a challenge here are the rules:

   a.    No characters,or logos (even the font is not acceptable) 

   b.   (Respectful) Hashtags are encouraged

   c.    Inside Jokes are encouraged

   d.    Nothing obscene – keep it clean

   e.    If you want to claim credit for a piece, put it in the bottom right.

We can wait to see your ideas and work ! Start to post on our Facebook wall! 

5. Q&A – we want to set up a quick Q&A session sometime this week – likely Friday night.   Might do a ustream.  Topics will be about us, and things related to this fan campaign.


Dave and Chehin 

May 7

Let’s do this!

Hey all!

Now that everything’s ready, let’s do this.

May 6

If you fund it, they will come.

Hey folks,

This video should help clear up some of the questions that have been raised. We’re working hard to get back to each and every member here. Please bear with us, we are responding as quickly as we can.

Let’s save YJ (and forgive the sappy title) :).

May 6

Let’s do this. Let’s save a show.

Alright everyone, let’s show them we can save these shows. Start by watching this:

A second video will be out tomorrow explaining reward packs and a little bit on the cool payment system we set up with PayPal. Let’s save these shows together!

Thanks all, more details tomorrow.

May 6

New Plan

We’ve been listening to everyone’s responses - and it sounds like the community isn’t ready to give up the fight.

We have a plan.  Stay hopeful and whelmed. We’ll have something for you up shortly.

May 3

An update…

Hey all, I’ve been trying (all day) to come up with a slightly better way to say this, but I’m just going to give it to you straight. Warner said no – they don’t think we can reach our goals – do you believe that?

Welcome back!

Hey all!

Two things.  One, thanks for crashing our server (again) - that should have been fixed and will be soon.  EDIT: Is fixed now.

And two, if you did get in, you might have noticed (if you were in our beta) is that some shows are missing!  Don’t panic!  We know from our server overload, that the demand for those shows is well over what we needed to raise.  To be respectful to the process and those involved, we have made those shows private until a decision is reached.  We will keep you updated on as much as we can, as soon as we can.

Don’t be overwhelmed (or underwhelmed), if you don’t see your show – you can always send an email directly to to show support.



Update #2 - Tuesday 3/26 @11:37am PDT

Hi All,

EDIT:  We’re going to have to go dark for awhile.

We will continue to keep you informed as we progress with these shows.  Hope to have more info soon.  

Thanks all!


Update #1 - Saturday 3/23 @4:01pm PDT

Hi GLTAS & YJ Fans!

We just want to remind everyone that we’re still in talks for your two shows.  Nothing is certain, and nothing will be certain until we’re fully in contract with them.

We likely will be meeting with them during this next week to hammer out the final details, including an official press release confirming their approval of these projects.  We will not enter into the funding stage until we have everything perfect.

Indications are very good, but again, please remember that nothing is set in stone until a formal contract is reached.

In the mean time please keep talking about us and please keep as active as you can telling them you want Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice back.  We can (and will) do this!

Finally, we’re working hard to implement all the suggestions we have received.  Also, I’m slowly getting back to the people who have asked us questions – it’s been a crazy few days, but I am going to respond to each and everyone who submitted a question during the beta. 

Don’t stop fighting for your shows!  More updates as soon as we can.  Thanks again!