Update #1 - Saturday 3/23 @4:01pm PDT

Hi GLTAS & YJ Fans!

We just want to remind everyone that we’re still in talks for your two shows.  Nothing is certain, and nothing will be certain until we’re fully in contract with them.

We likely will be meeting with them during this next week to hammer out the final details, including an official press release confirming their approval of these projects.  We will not enter into the funding stage until we have everything perfect.

Indications are very good, but again, please remember that nothing is set in stone until a formal contract is reached.

In the mean time please keep talking about us and please keep as active as you can telling them you want Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice back.  We can (and will) do this!

Finally, we’re working hard to implement all the suggestions we have received.  Also, I’m slowly getting back to the people who have asked us questions – it’s been a crazy few days, but I am going to respond to each and everyone who submitted a question during the beta. 

Don’t stop fighting for your shows!  More updates as soon as we can.  Thanks again!